About Us and Some History

We have been involved in the industry for over 30 years and have accumulated a wealth of expertise and experience in technology, multimedia, production, duplication, audio and converting from one media to another.

Having owned and run one of Australia's premier production and recording studios with world class equipment and facilities, we have the expertise, experience and knowledge of what is required to produce THE BEST Quality conversions. Our studio soon gained the reputation as WA's leading Duplication and Conversion facility.

We sold the business in 2008 to take the trip of a lifetime around Australia and spent a year on the road Travelling Oz and filming a documentary which is in final production stage as you read this.

Arriving back in Perth after a year of Living the Dream on the road and seeing the real outback Australia, we decided that there was more to life than the hustle and bustle of big cities and decided to move to the quite country life in rural Central Queensland and here we are now and loving every minute of it.

However, once settled and back to reality, we soon realised that we missed our Duplication and Conversion business and more importantly, we hadn't lost that passion for perfection. We thrived on providing duplication and transfer services and preserving those treasured family memories to CD, DVD and Bluray. After months of sourcing the very best and latest technology available wordwide, we were back in business by 2010 and now proudly operate

Queensland's leading Duplication and Conversion facility.

We are a small family Business and pride ourselves on offering that Personal and Friendly
 Service that originally made us one of Australia's Most Respected and Recognised Facilities.

We are a home based business and have chosen to operate this way for specific reasons.
Our overheads are lower which means you pay less for the Best Possible Quality
and we can keep our equipment operating through the night which means faster turn around times.

We've invested in some of the latest and best equipment, technology and processes available worldwide. Compare our equipment, services and prices with any other facility in Australia and the World and we know, we are one of the best equipped and most cost effective Duplication and Conversion Facilities available anywhere.

Dedicated to Providing the best
Quality, Service and Prices Australia wide.


All prices on our website include GST
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