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We specialise in converting 8mm film, Super 8mm Film and 16mm film to DVD and can also provide Blu-Ray transfers. We can genuinely claim to offer the best Quality, Service and prices for these transfers, including for sound. 

With over 30 years of experience in these film types, you can rest assured that you've come to THE BEST place to transfer your precious home movies and professional productions. We're passionate about film media and I personally transfer film to DVD and complete every conversion myself, so the buck stops here with me.

Just like Video and Audio services, there's conversion and there's transfers, so Please read the all the Important information on
this page to find out what you're really getting for your money and the pitfalls to be aware of.

When you go to transfer 8mm or 16mm film to DVD, don't be fooled by some companies offering High Definition  transfers as some of them are just using a consumer HD camera to film the footage from a projector and mirror based recording system. Ask the hard questions and insist on the frame by frame capture, nothing beats it.

Here's how we Convert your precious 8mm, Super 8mm & 16mm Film to DVD and/or Blu-Ray:

To transfer film to DVD,  we first check and clean every reel of film. The cleaning process removes mildew, dust, fluff and general build up of grime that has accumulated over the years. As this is a very delicate process and the cleaner (which we import from America) is very expensive, not many other facilities will do this. At the same time, we're checking for film damage and we repair any damaged or broken splices. If there are more than 8 x 50ft reels, we will generally splice them onto a NEW 400ft reel (including can) to make the scanning smoother and provide better protection for your film when it is returned to you.

Next, the film is captured frame by frame with a cool bright LED light source that cannot damage the film like projector based systems ( very hot 100 watt globes) and provides an even balanced light to the entire frame. Although some people use a budget consumer HD camera or lens for capture, we use a professional High Definition Cine Alta 1920x1080p lens which produces amazing crisp, vivid and colourfull images. As we are constantly monitoring the capture process, we adjust the exposure, contrast, colour, saturation and hue as we're capturing your film, one frame at a time.

Once all the individual frames have been scanned and digitised through our high end capture system, we then edit out all the blank bits and whereever possible, try to enhance the colour balance of your footage even more. We can then add titles, chapters and some easy listening background music to give you an awesome professional presentation of your precious memories.

As a rough guide and to help you asses how many feet you have based on the diameter of your reels:

8mm and Super 8mm Film

3 inch reel (7.62 cms) = 50 feet (approx 3 minutes) @ 35 cents per foot = $17.50 per reel
4 inch reel (10.16 cms) = 100 feet (approx 6 minutes) @ 35 cents per foot = $35.00 per reel 
 5 inch reel (12.70 cms) = 200 feet (approx 12minutes)  @ 35 cents per foot = $70.00 per reel 
  6 inch reel (15.24 cms) = 300 feet (appros 15 minutes) @ 35 cents per foot = $105.00 per reel 
    7 inch reel (17.78 cms) = 400 feet (approx  24 minutes)  @ 35 cents per foot = $140.00 per reel 

Our scanner actually counts each and every individual frame captured, and you only pay for how many feet you have.
As the conversion of 8mm and Super 8mm film to DVD is of such high quality, we can only fit 2 hours max  (approx 2000 feet of film) onto each SD-DVD.



There is a minimum charge of $100.00 for conversions of 8mm to 16mm film to DVD due to the
lengthy setup of each project. The setup fee includes the first 285 feet of film.
( After cleaning, we do a dummy run where we manually optimise the focus, exposure, contrast, saturation and hue of every job before we start the capture process.)

Frame by Frame High Definition capture is charged at 35 cents per foot.
(although output to SD DVD, we still use the very latest latest HD capture equipment)

Frame by Frame High Definition conversion to Bluray is charged 55 cents per foot.
(output to the ultimate HD quality Blu-ray disc. Extra cost is due to the price of Blu-ray discs and the lengthy processing time)

If the film has sound, add 20 cents per foot.
( For Broadcast or Professional films, please request a quote )

DIY Editing

If you want to edit the footage yourself, we can convert your digitised footage to a compatable file that you can edit on your computer. We generally provide AVI files for a PC (Movie Maker) and MOV files for a MAC (iMovie), but can be output to many different formats.


If required, files can be supplied on DVD, BD, MiniDV, USB or external hard drive. Contact us for prices.

Please organise your reels of film in the correct chronological order so that
they flow in the right order on your DVD. Simply number them 1,2,3 etc.
If you want us to produce a specific Background music track using your choice of songs and music,
please contact us for a quote. It generally works out at approx $50.00 per hour of listening music.

Please contact us to discuss your requirements.


DVD Wear and Degregation.

Many customers choose to transfer their 8mm or 16mm to DVDthinking that this will last forever. While you can watch DVDs over and over without wear, they can fail within a few years unexpectedly. To ensure the best results, we only use professional quality disks. Customers can also take preventative measures to protect their DVDs such as storing them in a cool, dark and dry area at room temperature and keeping them away from magnetic sources (for example, televisions and speakers)

As a DVD can fail, the manufacturer's warranty is not much help to customers. While it is true that the manufacturer will replace the disk, your precious memories or data are lost. That is why it is important to backupdata for safe keeping.

Preserving Your Treasured Memories.  

As well as transferring your 8mm or 16mm film to DVD, CQ Duplication and Multimedia offers a range of recommendations in order to protect your precious memories and data from being lost.

*   Always order a backup DVD at $10.00 per copy to store away and never use, which you can get copied at any time in the future should your disk fail, you lose it or the relatives borrow and never return it.

*   A backup disc using Taiyo Yuden (recognised as the world's best duplication DVD) for an extra $3 per disc.

*   The ulimate Premium Archival 24 Carat Gold reflective layer disc (rated at over 100 years), for an extra $5 per disc.

*    Have your treasured memories backed up up onto an external hard drive, which is the highest quality and the most reliable, at $10.00  per hour. This has the added advantage that's it's still in its raw high quality native DV format and hasn't been encoded and authored to disk. It is also of high enough quality to transcode to High Definition Blu-Ray and other future formats.

Please phone or contact us to discuss converting your 8mm or 16mm film to DV.
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