Important Information About 8mm and 16mm Film Transfers


There are various ways of converting 8mm and 16mm film to DVD and here are just a few:

a)  Project the image onto a wall or screen and film it with a video camera.
     30 years ago, it was the only option and some people are still doing it this.

b)  Project into a telecine conversion box and film it with a video camera.
     20 years ago, it was one of a few options and some businesses are still using this method.
c)  Project to an angled high quality optical mirror and film it with a video camera.
    10 years ago, it was one of many options, BUT many businesses are still doing it this way.They still get the flicker and darkened corners and only average quality. There's just no comparison to Frame by Frame capture. So why do they still do it? Simple, because an Optical Angled Mirror costs under $200 and they can use a normal consumer computer to edit and output to DVD. Although they claim to provide quality that is comparable to frame by frame capture, that is just not true, in fact it's a lie and is misleading to the public.

d)  Frame by frame capture via a 3 chip standard definition capture device.
     Up until about a year ago, this was still the ultimate conversion process and we were one of the first companies in Australia to install the Frame by Frame capture systems with a high end professional 3 chip capture device. There's probably still only a small percentage of transfer Companies that have upgraded to this technology. The big disadvantage is the cost, by the time you've purchased the frame by frame scanner and 3 chip top quality capture device, it's probably cost the business around $7 > $9,000.

e)   Over the past few years, a whole new generation of conversion and transfers has evolved with the arrival of the High Definition Frame by Frame capture device and the advent of affordable Blu-ray. Once again we've raised the bar and upgraded to the ULTIMATE HD transfer process which is capable of full High Definition 1080p conversion, which can be output to either DVD or full 1080p HD Blu-Ray.
     By far the highest and best quality transfer available anywhere in the world (see * below). The resulting Blu-ray and/or DVD is probably one of the biggest steps forward I've seen in the industry after being involved for 30 odd years. Constant monitoring and adjustment of colour, hue and saturation producing unbelievable results from footage filmed so many years ago. Absolutely no flicker, no hot spots, no dark borders or corners.  PLUS the enlarged gate shows 10% more of each frame so you see things never seen before on projector based conversions. You'd swear the footage had been filmed with a modern day HD camera, absolutely awesome. Another huge benefit is, as there are no hot projector globes or sprockets, there's no chance of damaging your precious film or burning any frames.
* (other than Rank transfer from Hollywood Studios costing absolute mega bucks)

So why doesn't everyone do it with this latest technology. Unfortunately, this new HD technology doesn't come cheap. Top of the line HD Frame by Frame scanning device, Professional HD lens, edit suite and all the necessary software, high end HD Capture hardware, HD Blu-ray burners etc costs in the region of $20k. Need I say more.


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