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Professional Video Conversions from Video
VHS, SVHS, VHSC, DV Cam, Beta, Betamax, Umatic, Digital8, Video8 and MiniDV to DVD.

  We convert most formats of Video and Tape.

There's a difference between VHS to DVD transfers and conversions, so Please read the Important information below the price list to find out what you're really getting for your money and the pitfalls to be aware of.

As our Video to DVD conversion and transfer process produces very high quality, we can only fit a maximum of 2 hours of video onto a DVD. If your video is longer than this, it will be split onto 2 DVD's and will cost an extra $15.00.

Prices are the same for all video formats including:
SVHS, VHSC, DV Cam, Beta, Hi8, Digital8, Betamax, VHS, MiniDV and Video8 to DVD transfers

Video to DVD Price List 







Umatic to DVD

Beta to DVD

Betamax to DVD

Video8 to DVD

Hi8 to DVD

Digital8 to DVD

MiniDV to DVD

dvCam to DVD

EX SxS Pro Cards

Prices include high quality conversion and transfer using our Professional Studio Equipment, Dolby digital sound and high quality two pass variable bit-rate encoding onto a DVD. 

Premium option includes all the above, plus digital enhancing to remove white noise, editing to remove blank spaces and jittery edges plus chapters every 10 minutes for your convenience.
Your DVD is returned to you in a DVD case with a printed insert including Titles and Description.

We can make extra copies of your DVD for only $10.00 each. Discounts are available for more than 5 copies.

DIY Editing:

If you want to edit the footage yourself, we can convert your digitised footage to a compatable file that you can edit on your computer. We generally provide AVI files for a PC (Movie Maker) and MOV files for a MAC (iMovie), but we can output to many different formats. Native DV files files are huge and we can only fit approx 20minutes of raw high quality footage onto a DVD as an editable data file (approx 4.3GB per 20 minutes per DVD.


If required, files can be supplied on DVD, USB or External Hard Drive. Contact us for prices.

Please contact us to discuss your requirements
and quantity discounts.

Standard Transfer
(per Tape)

Straight copy of your original tape using all our high end gear and processes, but no editing or enhancements.


 Premium Transfer
(per 90 mins)

Extras include:
Digital Enhancing wherever possible and editing blank spots and jittery edges. We also add chapters every 10 minutes so you can skip forward or backwards and replay chapters.
We convert your DVD to display at both 4:3 and 16:9 widescreen.

Please let us know if you want your DVD to remain at 4:3 standard screen.

We also repair damaged and broken tapes.
and clean mildew and fungus infection on tapes.

Please contact us for a quote.



Important Information about Transfers. 

We are often asked why we charge $65 to convert everything from Betamax to VHS to DVD format, while others on the Internet do it for $40 and less. As I said before, whether it's Video8 to DVD or Beta to DVD, there is a difference between conversions and transfers and basically you get what you pay for. As a consequence, we have recently introduced two options for our Video to DVD transfers, Standard and Premium. Both use our high end Studio equipment, but the Standard option doesn't include all our usual monitoring, digital enhancing, editing and cleaning up. A normal 90 minute Video to DVD transfer takes us over 2.5 hours just to digitise, convert and transcode. 

Without being too technical and long winded, here's what we do:

Firstly, whether we're transferring MiniDV or DVCam to DVD, we don't use old video cameras to transfer your tapes, we only use professional studio quality players. Most of the transfers we do are analogue and firstly need converting to a digital format.  We transcode the analogue footage through a professional LTBC (Line Time Base Corrector) which reduces digital noise and the snowy effects of analogue video. We monitor the process with a vectorscope and waveform monitor and adjust the brightness, contrast, saturation, hue and sharpness. The transcoding process outputs a pure, stabilised digital signal with locked in audio/visual sync.  This important step cannot be done by many businesses as they don't have thepremium quality professional equipment. 

The enhanced and stabilised digital file is then captured into our professional edit suite (Edius Pro 5) through a high end IEEE1394 processing card to ensure a true enhanced DV format. We then edit out the blank spots, add Titles if necessary, add chapters and then output high quality, two pass variable bit-rate encoding onto a DVD. The Titles are printed directly onto the DVD and it is assembled into a DVD case with a printed insert. This means that, whether you converted VHS or Video8 to DVD, the result is generally a better quality picture than your original video. 



Before you send your videos anywhere else, make sure your Video tapes - whether MiniDV, Beta, DVCam or any type - are not being recorded directly to DVD without being transcoded or going through the all important digital conversion process, which is just not acceptable nowadays, but as I say, you get what you pay for. I'm sure you'll agree that your precious memories are worth paying that little bit more for. 

Another Important Thing To Consider.

Most people are under the misunderstanding that DVD's last forever. It's true they don't wear out and can be played over and over without wearing out. But, recent tests by PC Magazine and admissions by many industry experts and manufacturers show that many DVD's can fail within a few years. We do our bit by only using the best professional quality certified discs. For DVD's to last, it is imperative that they they are stored in a cool, dark, dry place at normal room temperature and away from any magnetic sources such as speakers or the TV etc.

As disks can fail, manufacturer's Warranties are worth nothing. It sounds good, but in reality, it's worth nothing because if and when the disc fails, they'll replace the disc, but what about your'e precious memories or data, nothing can replace that ! 

Your Best Option to Preserve Those Treasured Memories.  

Accepting the limitations of reality and looking for something more dependable, we have a few options available to you:
Always order a backup DVD to store away and never use, which you can get copied at any time in the future should your disc fail, you lose it or the relatives pinch it, at $10.00 per copy.. 

We have a few suggestions for you to choose from to preserve your Video to DVD conversion:

1. A backup disc using Taiyo Yuden (recognised as the world's best duplication DVD) for an extra $3 per disc per copy.

2. The ultimate Premium Archival 24 Carat Gold reflective layer disc (rated at over 100 years), for an extra $5 per disc per copy.

3. Have your AVI or MOV native DV files created and supplied on either Disc or an external hard drive. These are  data files that you can copy onto your computer and edit with Movie Maker (PC-Windows) or iMovie (for MAC's). This has the added advantage that its still in its raw high quality native DV format and hasn't been encoded and compressed.

4. We can supply files on an external hard drive.


Please phone or contact us to discuss converting your Treasured Memories.
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